Office Furniture Installation

Full installation and ongoing care for peace of mind

Installation and support are critical to the success of your office furniture project. You can count on Burgtec to be there when and where you need them across the life of your project, and into the future. As part of our end-to-end office furniture solution, Burgtec offers installation, warranties, audits, ongoing replacements and spare parts. Here’s how:

  • We monitor and ensure our suppliers meet global quality standards; and all products are backed by manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Long-term continuity of supply (LTCS) is a prime factor in our supply-chain management; and we can offer unique guarantees, backed by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.
  • Supplying future-proof solutions is crucial to a lasting relationship, and we will be there when you need to add, change or modify your furniture as your office evolves in the future.

Inspired office furniture that puts your needs first

Rather than pitching cookie-cutter products, Burgtec starts by understanding a workplace, people, culture and vision. Local manufacturing gives us the flexibility to help design and create custom furniture solutions, plus we offer exclusive Italian designs. We handle all-sized projects, with fast turnaround and surprising affordability every time.

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“Unique requirements for security, data integrity, and global design presented a challenge our team revelled in.”

We live and breathe world-leading workplaces that help people perform.

We’d love to help you create a standout space, the stress-free way.

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